What does it take to make 1.5 million meals a year? Just ask Meals on Wheels Western New York, now known as FeedMore WNY. With 3,600 elderly folks who receive a hot supper and a cold lunch daily, it all starts with the kitchen—a really big kitchen.

Naturally, a kitchen that turns out 5,500+ meals a day experiences significant wear and tear. And in Meals on Wheels case, it was to the point that the organization’s abilities were being to be challenged, putting many homebound people at risk of going hungry.

Recognizing the role the organization plays in the community, the James H. Cummings Foundation helped Meals on Wheels purchase 375 new ovens and four new Alto Shaam holding boxes that keeps meals warm as they’re waiting to go out for delivery.

The replacement of the old equipment ensures that Meals on Wheels can continue to provide hot, safe, and nourishing meals to individuals over 1,000 square miles.