In March 2020, our world changed. Covid 19 was declared a world-wide pandemic.  The James H. Cummings Foundation recognized that our approach to philanthropy and how to help the people of Buffalo and Hendersonville would have to change.  We decided to provide financial support to the local efforts to support the organizations that were providing emergency support to meet the basic needs of their residents.

In WNY over $13.1M was raised to support over 180 organizations in providing food , healthcare, housing, mental health services, child care and transportation. Cummings also provided additional support for telehealth units to be used in the intensive care unit at a local hospital, support for virtual learning centers and infrastructure needs at agencies in underserved communities. To learn more about the WNY Covid 19 Community Response Fund and its continuing work click here .

In Hendersonville, the Covid 19 Response Fund, managed the United Way of Henderson County and the Community Foundation of Henderson County,  provided almost  $440,000 to 41 nonprofits for food, rent, utility, and childcare assistance, sanitation supplies, protective equipment, medical services, senior care, mental health support, legal services, and more.