Our Focus

The Foundation focuses on supporting 501 (c)(3) not-for-profit organizations whose missions and services align with our guidelines and mission:

To advance medical research, science, and post-secondary medical education in Buffalo and Hendersonville, North Carolina.

To advance medical research in Toronto.

To provide services for vulnerable children and children with disabilities that will enhance high school graduation rates with a focus on the quality of out-of-school (before and after school and summer care) for school age children and early care and education programs and initiatives in Buffalo and Hendersonville, North Carolina.

To assist older adults and vulnerable adults with services that help them maintain independent, healthy, and active lifestyles, remaining in their own homes when possible in Buffalo and Hendersonville, North Carolina.

Additional Criteria

In addition to specific interests and limitations set forth in Mr. Cummings’ will, the Foundation’s Board of Directors has adopted the following additional guidelines and policies:

  • Applying organizations must be a tax exempt 501 (c)(3) entity.
  • Priority is given to capital projects.
  • Grants are not made to individuals, including scholarship aid or fellowships.
  • Grants are not made toward salaries, ordinary operating expenses, program costs, deficit financing, contingency reserves, or endowments.
  • Grants are not made to national organizations.
  • A grant request from any organization to which payments from a previous grant are outstanding, will not be accepted until the previous grant has been paid in full.
  • Audited financial statements are required with all grant applications.