Uploading Files

  • In general, the acceptable file types for uploading files are Microsoft Word, Excel, and Adobe PDFs..
  • Only one file can be uploaded per question. Multiple documents must be combined into one file
    and then uploaded.
  • If the document(s) that need to be attached to your form are not electronic, or you need to combine multiple documents into a single file, our online system gives you the option to “Fax to File.” The easy-to-use tool will convert documents from hard copy to digital format as a PDF file.
    1. Choose “Fax to File” in the menu at the left side of the screen and read the instructions.
    2. Select “Request a Fax number” and a toll-free number will appear on the page.
    3. Load a document, or multiple documents that need to be consolidated into one file, into your fax machine.
    4. Dial the toll-free number.
    5. Send a separate fax for each individual file you wish to create.
    6. Select “Finished Faxing” when you are done and to see your list of files.